Microsoft CEO Considers Sam Altman's Return to OpenAI

Satya Nadella hints at Sam Altman rejoining OpenAI despite Altman's move to Microsoft, expressing openness to various options in a CNBC interview.

Turmoil at OpenAI Following Sam Altman's Dismissal

Altman's sudden firing leads to chaos at OpenAI, with the resignation of President Greg Brockman and threats of employee departures

Microsoft's Pledge Amid OpenAI's Leadership Uncertainty

Microsoft reaffirms commitment to OpenAI, signaling support for Altman and Brockman's potential return to the company amidst instability.

OpenAI's Leadership Changes and Microsoft's Response

OpenAI appoints new interim CEO Emmett Shear, while Microsoft announces intent to hire Altman, resulting in a surge in Microsoft's stock value.

Future Prospects and Speculation Surrounding Sam Altman

Nadella hints at potential future roles for Altman at Microsoft, leaving room for speculation regarding Altman's potential CEO position at the company.